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Black Rock Wedding – Sarah & Lachlan

Posted on: May 14th, 2013 by Andreas

Sarah and Lachlan’s wedding was an intimate affair at Black Rock House on a warm April’s day.

The bride looked radiant in a Caleche gown and 1920’s style hair and make-up. As they met in London, they chose a London taxi cab for their transport.

Sarah spent the day in the company of her bridesmaids and her mother, sipping champagne and sharing laughs. Lachlan’s family held a breakfast for the groom and his groomsmen, where they gave him gifts and good advice regarding marriage. Lachlan’s mother also reads him one last Dr Seuss book before she hands him over to his beautiful bride.

Take a look at their stunning wedding which took us from Black Rock Pier to the function at True South.

status anxiety - groom

groom preparing the wedding music

fried eggs

family breakfast before wedding

table prepared for pre wedding breakfast - vintage

Wedding photography Melbourne - Photojournalism - documenting the whole day

breakfast before the wedding - whole day wedding photography

vintage decoration


good advice from mum

little wedding presents

what to do when the bride gets a headache - wedding

what a beautiful moment - mum reading a Dr Seuss story before the wedding


getting ready at the grooms house

fixing the wedding dress

shoe shine

black wedding shoes

groom getting ready - tie

groom and groomsmen in the bathroom


engagement ring

wedding dresses in melbourne

wedding bracelet - jewellery

looking under the wedding dress

laughing before the wedding

selecting the hairstyle for a wedding

choice of hairstyle before a melbourne wedding

bridal room - bride getting ready - melbourne wedding photography package

bridal makeup

taking the earrings out of the box


beautiful bride - portrait photography - creative photojournalism


portrait of a bride

Vinateg wedding - 20s style

wedding cars

waiting - black rock house wedding ceremony

black rock house - music


emotion wedding photography

bride at black rock house wedding

getting married in melbourne

exchanging rings

outdoor wedding ceremony in melbourne

newly wed couple

best wedding photographers in melbourne - fine art weddings

pelican at wedding

melbourne pier

barefoot wedding

melbourne couple walking along on pier

bridal portraits

groom meets bride

wonderful couple

wedding melbourne - black rock, brighton, sandringham

fine art wedding photography melbourne

vintage weddings

beautiful bride - vintage photography

newly wed in Melbourne - great photographers

bride at beach

beautiful melbourne wedding couple

best wedding photography melbourne - Beach wedding in Black Rock / Brighton in Melbourne

melbourne beach wedding venue

wedding photography - creative and stylish

vintage wedding photography melbourne

perfect wedding

aeroplane flying over wedding - Melbourne Photography - Fine Art

lonbdon cab for weddings

vintage look

dream sunset bride

A beautiful sunset for a wedding in Melbourne

true south in black rock - ideal wedding venue

true south

wedding decoration - wedding guests arrive at function at the beach in melbourne

cheeky photo


wedding photography

bride and groom arrive

weddings melbourne

music at venue

true south black rock

bridesmaid speeches

wedding photojournalism

wedding speeches at melbourne venue


movie stars

wedding venue bayside

crazy dancing photography at wedding in melbourne

crazy wedding photography - different and creative

the end


Picnic with Simone & Glenn

Posted on: September 19th, 2012 by Souri

Last weekend we met Simone and Glenn. The weather forecast predicted rain – but we got lucky.  While having a little picnic in the park the sun peaked out … gotta love Melbourne weather. They make a gorgeous couple – have a look at some of the pictures. We can’t wait for their wedding …

Simone & Glenn Engagement Shoot Melbourne

Wedding Photography Melbourne - Couple in love

Melbourne Photography

Melbourne Wedding

Flowers Engagement Park Photography

Simone & Glenn

Dream Wedding Melbourne

Melbourne Picnic - Wedding

Cheers - Wedding

Tree - Lake - River - Engagement Photography


How to select your wedding photographer in Melbourne, Australia?

Posted on: August 25th, 2012 by Andreas

Are you getting married? Lots to organise? Oh yes … there are lots of things to do.
The list is getting longer and longer and the funds getting less and less.

This little article was written by me to help you with the selection of your wedding photographer.

1. Do I need a wedding photographer?

This is totally up to you. Your wedding photos are memories forever. Friends and family will take photos – of course – but usually they produce snapshots and fun candid shots. When you want quality wedding photos to document your big day you will want to hire a professional photographer. I would rather save on the wedding cake, the flowers or don’t get the upgrade for the premium wine and beer. No one will remember the type of beer or wine – but they will see the beautiful photos and keep your beautiful day in their memories. But is absolutely your choice.

2. Do you love the wedding photos?

Yarra Valley WeddingHow did you find your photographer? Word of mouth? Internet recommendations? A wedding expo? It does not matter … you first should have a look at his work. Don’t settle for a photographer when you don’t like his portfolio.

Do you like the style the wedding photographer? This is the most important criteria. Have a really good look at the portfolio and the photos the photographer produces. Some will produce very static, posed photos – others will try to capture you naturally – dreamy looks or tech style. These are your wedding photos – so try to find a photographer which matches your style.

Judge the creativity and quality of the pictures. Make sure you look at a full wedding coverage as well. Don’t waste your time with the wedding photographer when you only like a few shots … you need to love his work. Don’t even look or discuss the package price when you are not 100% convinced.

When you work with bigger photography studios ask explicitly for samples of the person who will shoot your wedding. Every photographer has its own style.

3. Availability – Book your wedding in advance!

A wedding usually happens on Friday, Saturday or Sunday … preferable in summer … a photographer can only attend one wedding a day. Usually you start the wedding planning with booking your reception venue – good idea. The second thing on your list should be the photographer. How frustrating would it be when you found a great wedding photographer which matches your style and price and he is booked out.

It is always sad for us when we need to reject a wedding because we are booked out. So make sure you book your wedding photographer  in advance. But even when you are last minute … just give your photographer a call – you never know … you might be lucky. Call freshPhotography on Friday … we shoot your wedding on Saturday – could happen!

4. Meet the wedding photographer!

Wedding bouquet photography in MelbourneYou found your photographer and he has availability. What to do next?

Before you book the photographer you should meet him. You will be able to find out how your photographer works. Wedding photography is something very personal. You learn more about them when you meet them face to face. Make sure you relate to the photographer. His personality is very important. You need to be relaxed in front of the camera. This is much easier when you relate to your photographer and he makes you feel comfortable.

In a meeting you can discuss all the details of the package and negotiate. Hire only a photographer you like  … simple! 

5. Don’t limit the time …

There are lots of photographers out there who have limited time packages. Of course it is expensive to hire somebody for the whole duration of your wedding. So some people will be happy with a few creative and fun pictures after the ceremony and the formal shots. Some will like to have the whole day documented. Most of the time people restrict the time because of their budget. Save on prints – save on the album – but don’t restrict the time – you will love a whole documented day!

We at freshPhotography never limit our time. You tell us where to be at what time. We always document your whole day – at unlimited locations.

6. Higher Price = Higher Quality?

There are huge differences in Wedding photography prices?  How much are your pictures worth? You might find an amateur or start up photographer for a very cheap price but you could also pay top dollars up to $15,000 for high profile weddings. A student or amateur will be cheaper – usually you can’t see a lot of portfolio work and it might be a little gamble.

Wedding photography in Melbourne - How to select your photographerPhotography equipment is expensive. Your photographer will easily carry around $15.000 worth of camera equipment. Equipment is important. This helps the wedding photographer to achieve quality photos. But don’t forget creativity is the most important asset of a wedding photographer. 

Make sure you know what you get. Some photographers are a little bit cheeky about their pricing structures. They include the photography but then you will have to fork out more money to get the actual pictures (printed or digital). Make sure you understand exactly what you get! Read the contract very carful and ask questions. Some examples:

  • Will you personally take the photos?
  • How many prints and albums are included?
  • Which photo lab are you using?
  • Do I get High resolution pictures? Please define High resolution.
  • How long will you take photos?
  • How long does it take to get the pictures?

7. Albums or HighRes pictures?

Quality prints are expensive and cost a lot of money. Professional Albums require design time and are very often handmade. Most of these prints are far higher quality than the prints you will get from Officeworks or BigW. But a lot of people will be happy with the quality a consumer lab provides.

You could spend a lot of money on prints and albums. Your package might include a nice album and a few prints … but what when you want to show off your wedding pictures on your new iPad? Send them to family and friends via email? Publish them on Facebook?

How to choose Melbourne Wedding Photography - We highly suggest that you make sure you get the high resolution wedding pictures in digital form. Think about it – it has a few benefits. You can always print these pictures – now or in 20 years. You always will be able to create an album – now or in 20 years. But you will never be able to reshoot your wedding. So better save on the prints than on the photographer or time.

Of course as a photographer I love to sell you these beautiful prints and albums as well. But when you are on a budget get only the high resolution pictures. You can print them anytime and design a nice album later. Some photographers disagree with us on this point – but I want to sell the photos – our creativity – and not the prints.

Some photographers will not give you the digital files. And they have some reasons for it: They want to make sure that their work is always displayed in the best possible way. Their name is related to these pictures. Computer software gets cheaper and cheaper. In the times of facebook and instagram you are able to change anything you want – fancy filters and resolution changes – not always to the benefit of the photos. As a photographer I would hate to see my pictures treated like that and I might even lose out on future customers when my pictures appear somewhere on the internet. My pictures are my reputation. For that reason some photographers will not give you any digital pictures – so please understand this.

We at freshphotography see higher benefits in you having the high resolution wedding pictures. So you always get all the pictures in the best quality in digital form on a 16GB USB stick. We also include a smaller version optimised for the web. Use them on your iPad, on facebook and share them with your family and friends via email.

8. Why should I get an engagement shoot?

You met your photographer. Great! So why not go on shoot with him before the wedding. For most people a wedding is the first time they get professional photos. So why not have a little practise run? You will learn how to work with your photographer in front of the camera. You will be far more relaxed on the wedding day when you know how the photographer will do the wedding shoot with you.


Now you are equipped with some knowledge how to select a wedding photographer. Hope this little article gives you a few ideas what to look for. Have a look at our wedding portfolio at freshPhotography in Melbourne and discuss your wedding with us. We would love to capture your big day. 


Styled Wedding Shoot in Warrandyte State Park

Posted on: July 6th, 2012 by Souri

Our lovely engaged friends, Kelly and Florian, agreed to do a mock wedding photo shoot for us so that we can showcase our photographic style once more.

I love to dabble in hair and make-up and Kelly’s look turned out much more than we expected. She looked stunning! There were two dresses which we had purchased for the shoot (we’re very passionate about what we do!). The first was a gorgeous Henri Josef gown which was very Balenciaga in design. I love the vintage look of it – very Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn. The second dress is a Justin Alexander gown  which I especially wanted for the dramatic effect it would give up on Mount Lofty at Warrandyte State park. It is definitely fit for a princess! Kelly looked divine in both dresses. Florian was a handsome groom in his suit. The bouquet was a mix of Kale and Proteas which were about 5kg in weight! It does get heavy after lugging it around for a while.

We started the shoot in our home in Doncaster East, which we had so much fun doing that my start time of 1pm at Mount Lofty ended up being a 3pm start! Oh boy, we had to move. Being winter, we had a couple of hours before it would get dark.  It was an overcast day with only 12 degrees for poor Kelly who had to wear the beautiful strapless dress! We were hoping for sunshine to give us a more dreamy finish to our photos, nonetheless we were pleased with the end results.

What a beautiful place Warrandyte State park is. We chose it for Mount Lofty ( the closest “mountain” to us) and the many different spots which were great photo locations. Of course we didn’t make it to all the places we had intended as it got dark on us. We really wanted some shots with Kangaroos in the background but didn’t make it in time to see them! We’ll just have to go back for more photos another day. The sunset was magnificent.

It was a fun day for all of us. Thanks Kelly and Florian, for you patience and input. We love photography and each shoot is so exciting, whether it is a mock or real wedding. The photos from this shoot are fabulous. It was hard to choose which ones to share with you. Enjoy : )




Fun weddings and proposals … we love them …

Posted on: July 2nd, 2012 by Souri

On June 2nd, 2009, Jill Peterson and Kevin Heinz tied the knot at the Christ Lutheran Church , St. Paul, Minnisota. What made them different from other couples is that they decided to have the wedding party dance down the aisle to Chris Brown’s song “Forever.”

We bet you have seen this video already. But for those who haven’t here is our favourite wedding entrance videos we have ever seen. And we don’t mean the “professional filming” here …

This video shows the joy and love of this couple. A little bit unusual and not for everybody … no fancy dresses, no expensive setup – but a lot of fun and this makes this wedding very special. We watched it over and over again.

Watch the video here:


Also have a look at the second fun engagement and wedding video we found on youtube. It is staged by a TV show and a little bit over the top … but fun to watch.

And here the low key version of it … very cute: